​As if the Colts didn't have enough to worry about stopping Patrick Mahomes and the ​Kansas City Chiefs, they've had to dodge icy projectiles from angsty ​Chiefs fans. Several of the local faithful have been throwing snowballs onto the field, and head coach Andy Reid had finally had enough. 

You'd better listen to him. There is literally nothing positive that can come of chucking slush bombs like this. According to sideline reporter Michelle Tafoya, Reid was quoted as telling the fans to "use your head".

This has reached borderline epidemic proportions, as ​Colts punter Rigoberto Sanchez was inches away from being hit during a play. 


We have empirical evidence of at least one of the culprits. Hey, Arrowhead security, you want to do something about this?

​​Hope that was worth it, anonymous Chiefs fans, because you may have earned yourself a one way ticket out of Arrowhead Stadium. We get that the playoffs can make fans uneasy, but only bad things can come from hurling chunks of snow and ice at opposing players.