​The question on everyone's lips before Colts-Chiefs kicked off was, "Will the ​snow and terrible weather affect ​Patrick Mahomes' arm strength?" But what we should have been asking was, "Will the snow and terrible weather affect the equally-dangerous arm of a random assailant in the stands?" You don't have to ask the Colts punter; he knows first-hand how dangerous this crowd is, barely dodging a snowball mid-punt.

​​I've heard of the Ice Bow, but this is ridiculous!

Actually, check that. It's not ridiculous. It's just...good. Sorry, briefly forgot that the NFL was allowed to be good.

Though Indy started this one a bit frozen, perhaps this brush with death will wake them up. It's clear at this point, though, that the attacks are coming from all angles, whether it's Dee Ford, Tyreek Hill, or some balled-up ice hurled from easily 100 feet away.

Wonder if this Chiefs fan pulled a no-look on the snowball? No way to tell.