​We're as sad as you are. CBS' Super Bowl coverage, along with FOX and CBS working Championship Weekend, leaves ​Collinsworth and Michaels without another contest for the remainder of the season. And with that comes... ​the slide finale. We never thought this day would come, and we must admit that Cris sort of brought us a pedestrian effort this time around.

But what did you expect? It's snowing. ​Haven't you heard?

​While this edition isn't likely to make a bar go nuts and start tossing their drinks around, it's all we have to tide us over until the 2019 campaign.

2018 will always be the year watching Cris Collinsworth slide in. Next year, if it comes back and it's gimmicky (wires, pulleys, all that technology), it just won't be the same. Farewell to the final time it was organic.

​The Collinsworth Slide really sold itself out, man. What can I tell you?