​Duke rarely, if ever, loses at Florida State as a No. 1 team.

We can't add another instance to Dickie V's esteemed and oft-repeated list, though.

This time, Duke paired up with the refs, waiting for hours at the scorer's table, to take this one home late, after far too many theatrics.

Of course, it was the forgotten freshman who shined above all the histrionics at the end of this one, as ​Cam Reddish stepped up one final time and drilled a three-pointer for the win following a years-long replay to determine possession.

Somehow, he was WIDE open.

Reddish put the capper on RJ Barrett's phenomenal effort in Zion Williamson's stead; the Canuck put up 32 points on 10-of-20 shooting. But it was the man who's often left out of the mock drafts who delivered, draining one final three to go 5-of-8 on the afternoon.

After dueling ​Coach K and Leonard Hamilton timeouts, somehow FSU's ferocious defense forgot to guard the most important man on the floor, instead clogging the paint while Reddish took what might as well have been a catch-and-shoot three. 

But you still have to drain it, and that he did. Duke will stay at No. 1 in a game that FSU fumbled out of bounds late.