For those of you who said the weather in Kansas City wasn't that bad earlier while dissecting footage of the city's traffic or ​overnight snowfall, may we direct you towards what's happening now? A few fans are perched in the upper deck by the press box, constructing snowmen out of the overflowing flakes piled up in front of them.​

​​We know Patrick Mahomes has never won in whiteout conditions, but perhaps if he puts his trademark headband on this little guy, along with a corncob pipe, he'll begin to dance around?

It's hard to imagine more pressure being placed on Mahomes' shoulders ahead of the Chiefs' best chance at ​ending their home playoff drought in 25 years (except maybe when the Titans came to town last season...), but this weather'll do it.

There might even be more eyes in the stands than we thought. After all, if each patron builds a snowman, that's double the capacity.

​​We're all for unpredictability, but it'd be nice if things could just lightly tip in the Chiefs' direction for once.