Connor McDavid has built up yet another reason why he should be the MVP of the league this year. 

After the Edmonton Oilers win against the Florida Panthers, McDavid has accumulated a point on 53% of Edmonton's goals this year. He scored two goals and one assist against the Panthers, including the game tying goal with just eight seconds left in the contest. If the Oilers can squeak into the playoffs, then McDavid is destined for another Hart Trophy. 

​​McDavid should go down as the second-greatest player to ever wear the Oilers crest on his jersey. 

Unfortunately for McDavid, he's not playing in the 80s where teams scored nearly four goals per game. The current NHL is defensively-minded with an emphasis on speed and puck possession. The game has evolved immensely since the 80s. Any player who's contributing to over 50% of all goals on a team likely has ​zero depth support which has become a non-negotiable asset in recent years. 

​​His MVP-caliber season will be determined by the Playoffs and whether the Oilers can find enough consistency to get into the post-season. 

​McDavid was snubbed from a Hart Trophy last year since he was unable to carry his Oilers into the Playoffs. Instead, Taylor Hall was gifted the award for his dominating play on the New Jersey Devils. 

Unfortunately for McDavid, the Oilers are currently looking outside the Playoff bubble. No Playoffs, no MVP award, even if he deserves it more than anyone.