​In case you didn't believe in the dedication of Chiefs fans before Saturday morning (and shame on you for that weird opinion, if so), then you might want to check out the ​snow-capped footage​Kansas City was so desperate to get into Arrowhead Stadium this morning that they showed up in droves, hours before the gates opened, packing the roads for miles. This shot from around 8:30 AM KC time tells you all you need to know.

​​Just let 'em in! Or don't. They're all in succession listening to the pregame show on the radio. They'll probably fine.

Chiefs fans have waited an entire generation for a new legend to define them, and there's a solid chance that Patrick Mahomes can do just that in their first playoff contest in...eons that features a potential franchise quarterback.

If you think the city was going to let a little cold scare off the enthusiasm for that scenario, then you don't know Kansas City. The traffic fights nearly as hard as the players do.