​If Patrick Mahomes is going to win Kansas City's first home playoff game in 25 years and thaw their frozen momentum, then he'll need to prove the cold never bothered him anyway.

Early weather reports for this Saturday's battle with Andrew Luck and the ​Colts weren't promising, if you like offense, and based on the photos emerging Saturday morning, it seems we got what we were worried about.

If you're headed to ​Arrowhead, please bring hand warmers, a plank of cardboard, and a large grill for tailgating/fire for your hands. It's snow-capped right now.

​​Got a few hours left to clear this stuff out! Time to get to work, KC.

​​Amazing news if you've got Seat 18. That one's actually looking pretty clear!

In case Patrick Mahomes' second-year jitters weren't already tuned up to a maximum, he'll now be forced to throw through a gale force.

The wide shot is somehow more damning.

Yeesh. It's like the ghost of Lin Elliott blew across the entire stadium.

Best of luck, Kansas City, because you'll also have to stop Luck. Ideally, the domed team that's coming to visit will have more trouble navigating the environment than the home team with all the baggage.

It's fascinating (and frigid), either way.​​