​The Indianapolis Colts, the same team with a first-year head coach and a quarterback shortly removed from a career-threatening injury--yes, those Colts--should scare the living daylights out of the ​Kansas City Chiefs.

Heading into this AFC Divisional Round tilt, the Colts have already exceeded expectations. Yet, rounding into form late in the season behind a suddenly-stellar defensive unit and excellent play-calling by Frank Reich, Indianapolis has a very real shot of knocking off the pound-for-pound best team in the AFC. Indy is for real, and they're coming.

​Stopping the Chiefs high-powered offense is no easy task, yet the Colts bend-but-don't-break defensive style should acclimate well in Kansas City, especially in Patrick Mahomes' first career playoff game. KC's chances lie solely on their MVP candidate, and he's never been in this position before. 

Will he rise to the occasion? Even so, it might not be enough.

Luck is still rounding into form after taking a season-plus off due to a multitude of injuries, but he's re-formed a special connection with TY Hilton, and new tight end target Eric Ebron is lethal in the red zone. This is especially true given the Chiefs will likely be missing Eric Berry in the secondary.

Combine that with one of the more surprisingly good rushing attacks in football, and Indianapolis isn't easily-stopped. Marlon Mack ain't no slouch.

The Chiefs are favored in this matchup, and rightfully so. But there's a reason KC fans are literally ​blessing the grounds leading up to this divisional round clash.

It's because they're scared. And they should be.​​