​Yes, this is very real. As ​Kansas City prepares to take on the Indianapolis Colts this weekend, Chiefs fans are taking all precautions to make sure they come away with a win at Arrowhead Stadium. Several Chiefs supporters even took a stadium tour with a psychic medium to get rid of what they believed to be 'negative energy' around Arrowhead. 

​​I'm not here to tell anyone what to believe in, but if the Chiefs lose on Saturday it'll likely be due to Andrew Luck outplaying ​Patrick Mahomes in his first career playoff game.

Or, maybe I'm wrong. The Chiefs fan group 'Arrowhead Guys' thought differently, and had the stadium grounds blessed. And yes, there are ghosts. The medium apparently came into contact with former Chiefs Super Bowl-winning coach Hank Stram, who was fired in 1974.

The medium recommends Chiefs fans show more appreciation for Coach Stram on Saturday at Arrowhead, stating that could entice him to lift the curse.

Kansas City needs all the positivity they can get, evidently. The Chiefs haven't won a home playoff game since 1994.