WARNING: This is clearly a parody article. Hope you can take a joke!​

A Pittsburgh Steelers fan has started a petition to help Mike Tomlin get a job working back at the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital with Dr. House. 

​Go ​sign! 

Clearly this has been a long running mockery of Tomlin's similar appearance to actor Omar Epps. But even Omar says he could do a better job coaching the Steelers than Tomlin. 

Maybe the two can switch places and see how it goes? Coaches around the league have been moving so much this week. The Bengals just fired coach Marvin Lewis. The Jets hired Adam Gase. The Packers let Mike McCarthy go a few weeks ago and the offseason is just getting started for those not in the playoffs.

The drama circulating around Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown has proven that the respect level these two have for Tomlin is non-existent.  Sadly, Tomlin has lost the locker room and it doesn't look like he's going to get it back any time soon. 

It's too early to tell where Bell and Brown will land next year but Tomlin ought to enjoy Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital more than the daycare center he's currently running.