​When ya gotta go, ya gotta go.

​Derrick Rose in the midst of a comeback tour of sorts, proving to still have plenty left in the tank (pun intended) for the Timberwolves to the tune of 18.9 points-per-contest. Unfortunately, one Wolves fan caught ​Rose at an awkward moment, using the public stadium bathroom mid-game.

Don't they have those in the locker room?

In full uniform, nonetheless!

While Rose's actions are questionable to say the least given this is in the middle of a damn game (we presume), who is taking this photo? Sure, it makes for a funny story, but you're in the middle of men's restroom taking a picture of the urinals. Didn't anyone find that odd?

Does this help or hurt Rose's All-Star chances?

​​In the end, this moment is nothing more than a funny sideshow in what's been an impressive season for the former MVP. We wish him the best as the Wolves try to right the ship.

Just head to the locker room next time.