​​Lane Kiffin ought to know a thing or two about freezing cold takes.

The FAU coach has been on ​both sides of truly terrible fan opinions--whether it be crowning him the next great young offensive mind in college football or declaring his career completely dead. Neither, of course, are true, and Kiffin has taken to twitter to make an obvious point we should always take into account--hot takes must be taken with a grain of salt.

This is an obvious one, as ESPN's 2008 column bashing the hiring of Dabo Swinney has long been ridiculed. Pat Forde, who now writes for Yahoo sports, surely realizes just how wrong he was. Unfortunately for the veteran reporter, this take will forever be ammunition for readers and coaches alike.

Gotta love the subtle @espn by Kiffin, who definitely does not care that Forde moved on to Yahoo years ago. Forde likely didn't choose his headline in the first place. Who was the copy editor? We'll never know.

Forde responded to this call-out as well, admitting his wrongdoing but also trolling himself and Kiffin in the process.

This is all in good fun, of course.

We love this back-and-forth jeering by a prominent reporter and perhaps the most outspoken coach in college football. Kiffin has a chance to prove Forde wrong more than once if he's able to turn the FAU job into a Power-5 opportunity.

May the takes alway be freezing.