​The chase for ​Manny Machado is down to four teams: the Chicago White Sox, ​Philadelphia Phillies, New York Yankees and...a mystery team?

With New York reportedly falling out of the race for the star slugger, it creates an opportunity for other teams to potentially chime in late in the process with an impressive offer. Per Machado's camp, that's exactly what's occurred.

This is more than likely Machado's agent using a supposed mystery team as leverage with Chicago and Philly, especially as they aim for a higher offer greater than Giancarlo Stanton's.

Machado is a generational talent despite his concerning 'Johnny Hustle' comments. Nonetheless, this shouldn't discourage teams from signing a 26-year-old superstar to a long-term deal. 

With MLB seeing record revenue this past season, claiming teams can't afford the investment is hogwash. 

We have no inkling as to which MLB squad could possibly be this 'mystery team', but Machado's camp hopes they can use this newfound concern from Chicago and Philadelphia to add a few extra zeroes onto Manny's eventual deal.