It's not a crazy idea to think the New York Yankees are signing superstar free agent Manny Machado, but to guarantee it and even give a timeline as to when it's going to happen is a whole other thing...

...especially, when you don't cover a team and act like you have insider information, like blogger Dan Clark. 

However, I will give this guy credit for ​sticking to his word. He said he would deactivate his Twitter account if Machado signs elsewhere. Clark may have jumped the gun early, but he deactivated his account after the Yankees ​signed All-Star second baseman DJ LeMahieu on Friday, making everyone believe they are out on Machado.

Check out some of his hot takes:

So when is that Machado to the Yankees announcement coming?

Clark may have had "sources" saying that Machado was going to sign with the Yankees, but honestly, nobody knows exactly where and when he's signing that lucrative deal. It's just another example of someone trying to be first instead of being right.