​In classic Bill Belichick fashion, the ​New England Patriots head coach has hilariously claimed that playing at home in the ​NFL playoffs is not an advantage. Really, Bill?

You do realize that it's January... in Foxborough, Mass, and your opponents play their home games in Los Angeles. For the Chargers, winter weather is whenever the temps get below 60. What a joke. 

“I don’t think it’s any advantage," Belichick said via ProFootballTalk. "Last week three of the road teams won. The advantage is to the team that plays well."

​Belichick makes a great of a point here, but the reality is that when you are playing in a win-or-go-home game, you want the entire crowd to be cheering you on. On top of that, you certainly want to play in a location where you are more than familiar with the weather conditions.

It makes for a funny punchline, but it's simply inaccurate. The ​Chargers are your opponent, of course, but weather can certainly change your plans, especially on offense. His argument is even more strange when you consider the fact that he's one of the greatest coaches of all-time. You'd think a future Hall-of-Famer would appreciate the importance of playing at home—especially in the playoffs.

If there's one thing about Belichick we know, it's that he stays true to himself and never gives away any hints. Keep doing you, Bill.