Originally hired by Mike McCarthy, Mike Pettine has been chosen to stay with the Green Bay Packers as part of ​head coach Matt LaFleur's ​new regime. 

Green Bay struggled overall in 2018, but it looks like LaFleur has seen enough to want to give Pettine another shot at running the defense in Green Bay despite a second straight absence from the playoffs.

The news was ​first suggested earlier in the week, but was unconfirmed until early on Friday afternoon. At the very least, it will provide some consistency to the Packers, who are undergoing a major transformation. 

Pettine has a long coaching history, but his most notable former employment was with the Cleveland Browns, where he was head coach for two seasons. 

The Packers are certainly going to need Pettine's attitude on defense, being that they haven't looked strong on that side of the ball since they won the Super Bowl in 2010. His head coaching experience in one of the most perilous franchises in the ​NFL will certainly provide some guidance to a first-time head coach like LaFleur.