Enes Kanter, center for the ​New York Knicks, missed practice yesterday for an unexpected reason.

No, he wasn't trying to hide out from assassins sent by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the authoritarian president of Turkey. He simply ate way, way too much Shake Shack.


Known for posting his cheat day meal choices on social media, ​Kanter took to Twitter on Wednesday to post his most recent indulgence. Seven burgers, which included three triples with egg, plus fries appeared in Kanter's post, leaving followers drooling at their screen who weren't already experiencing secondhand gastrointestinal distress.

The day, however,  Kanter was reported as not feeling well and was forced to excuse himself from practice. After seeing his post and then reading the report of him missing team activities, many assumed that it was from a case of over-eating. At this time, there has been no official report on the illness keeping Kanter from practicing so there could very well be another reason for his absence. But we've got to go with the most obvious story here.

Look out for the next Enes Kanter #CheatDay post. We hear there's a join in Ukraine called 7burgers Бургеная, which sounds right up his alley.

Or perhaps he'll go to Five Guys and keep his burger intake limited to a tidy half-dozen.