Dino Babers, head coach of the Syracuse Orange, led his team to a 10-3 record and a bowl win this past year. In his third year with the team, he coached the Orange to their first winning season since 2013. Syracuse hadn't won 10 games in a season since 2001.

There's no question that  Babers is turning this program around. He's seen some great success with Syracuse this year, even beating teams like West Virginia, and losing to Clemson, the current national champions, by a score of only 27-23. 

Despite all this, Babers is getting little to no NFL interest. 

There's something weird about the fact that no NFL team seems to be interested in him. 

It could be argued that it's because of inconsistency because of his two previous losing seasons with Syracuse (even though he came in to turn the program around), but it's clear that he has the ability to win. 

He had two consecutive winning seasons at Bowling Green State before taking the job at 'Cuse. Babers has two bowl wins in his five seasons as a head coach. 

Could it be that the NFL coaching jobs favor white coaches?  

Dale Hansen called out the NFL for its white privilege recently, and it does seem to play a factor. While we hope it isn't true, Babers might need to prove himself even more if he's going to be considered for an NFL job. 

With the fact that Syracuse finished the season at No. 20, we expect Babers to begin gaining the recognition and the interest he deserves soon enough.