​Oh, the ​White Sox are bringing in Yonder Alonso and Jon Jay because they train with Manny Machado in Miami?

Well, two can play at that game.

Late Thursday night, the ​Phillies announced the hiring of Bobby Dickerson, formerly the Orioles' third base coach during Manny Machado's tenure with the team. He'll hold a big league role with the Phils and--they hope--continue his mentorship of Machado in a new city.

​​Shrewd, indeed.

The 53-year-old Dickerson was with the Orioles from 2011-2018, and you'd have to think Philly laid out a fairly detailed plan in order to convince him to leave his previous home to join, essentially, their extended Machado recruitment.

What an intriguing race this is. It's family in Chicago, de facto family in Philadelphia, and (what we believe to be) the man's preference in New York, all things being equal.

But said "things" aren't anywhere close to being equal, are they? Machado has yearned for over $300 million, but Chicago certainly hasn't offered anywhere close to that yet, topping out around $200 million. Philadelphia's playing in the lower end of that pool, too. The Yankees haven't even made an official offer, either shrewdly waiting out the bidding or ignoring the chase entirely and feigning interest.

Philly just countered Chicago's ploys, though. And this one feels like it could really shift momentum.