​All the Dukies live at the top of the Mock Draft Board for a reason, but the world is starting to take notice of the ​NBA's next small-school leaper Ja Morant. And, with all due respect, Morant murdered a man on the floor of the Murray State Racers' game on Thursday night. There's no other proper way to describe this posterization.

​​This is a killing. Frederic Weis would walk by the chalk outline of this victim and scoff in pity.

In many mocks, Morant has now moved directly behind Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett, and rightfully so. He's certainly out-performed UNC's Nassir Little and the third Duke fellow, Cam Reddish, thus far during the campaign.

Let's hope Murray State keeps racing towards an ​Ohio Valley Conference title, because we need Ja as an 11-seed in America's Most Dangerous Tournament.

Mercy, this was fun to watch.