If your previous definition of a Unicorn didn't include effortless passing, then you may need to fix your parameters. ​Nikola Jokic just redefined the position once more by going full Kevin Love on Steroids, tossing one of the most seamless full-court chucks possible in rhythm to Jamal Murray, who went right up for the dunk he'd earned with a fantastic leak-out.

​​This type of effort simply can't be ignored.

Denver's stopped being a curiosity; the remain a legitimate threat in the West, with more than a few uber-athletic pieces on the roster.

​Jokic, in particular, has leveled up this year, and this is an entirely new wrinkle to his dominance. We're not sure what to even call this. We'll get back to you once we cool off a bit.

Kid's still just 23, FYI.