​Even a four-game winning streak couldn't save the ​Celtics from dysfunction, apparently. In the midst of a tough road loss to the Miami Heat (during a back-to-back, no big deal), ​Jaylen Brown and Marcus Morris let tensions boil over during one timeout.

Morris is a classic hot-head, and it's been theorized that Brown doesn't much enjoy his role on the current Celtics roster (after all, his development hasn't exactly gone as planned).

With Morris serving as a de facto leader, both on the court and off for these inconsistent C's, it was only a matter of time before he publicly butted heads with the most dissatisfied member of the roster.

LOL at Marcus Smart acting as the peacemaker, too. Rich.

Miami topped Boston Thursday night 115-99 in a game that wasn't really close from midway through the second quarter on, though Robert Williams attempted to provide a spark. This Celtics team isn't clicking unless Kyrie Irving is in Sicko Mode these days, and it seems that all remains unwell during private moments turned public.​​