​Raising $300 million for Hal Steinbrenner is a monumental task for any fan, but the pressure's really on when you can't even tell whether or not the target will accept the offer.

If the New York Yankees dropped $300 million on ​Manny Machado's doorstep right now, he'd gleefully take it. But it seems the team has no intention of doing so, and therefore, the fans have resorted to other means of gathering funds.

One fan finally went the crowdfunding route, whipping up a ​GoFundMe for Manny's money. But fret not; even if it doesn't hit the $300 million mark (and who's to say it won't?!), the money will go to a worthy cause.

​​While Machado might not consider himself to be Johnny Hustle, every fan who adds cash to this coffer can bestow that title upon themselves.

You're doing something impressive for the homeless in New York right during the coldest period of the year. Pat on the back, indeed.

And if it gets Manny's attention? All the better. Unfortunately for the Yanks, however, it seems less likely every day that Machado will be wearing Pinstripes this spring. The most recent significant update on the Machado sweepstakes is Philadelphia's recent signing. No, not Bryce Harper ​(although that may be co​ming any day now), but one of ​Manny's former mentors in Baltimore.

We'll see if the Yankees can still manage to sign the superstar third baseman. But if not, at least this fan raised some money for a good cause.