​Who's jacked for the ​Super Bowl?

If you're one of the lucky few with your own ​ticket, then you're excited on a slightly different level. For us normies, though, we got our first look at the ticket artwork on Thursday.

It's (not surprisingly) slick, and looks an awful lot like last year's edition, with Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium in the background.

​​More importantly than the shimmer, though, these things come with some primo security features embedded within them.

Check out the RFID chip that resides in the back, keeping your ticket secure and authentic.

​​That's how you know it's the real thing (though we don't recommend you go scrounging through the depths for Super Bowl tickets). If you're the kind of person with the means to obtain them, just go all-out and grab the good stuff.

With just three weeks (seriously) to go before the big game, it's always nice to get a sneak peek at the good stuff.