Ladies and gentlemen, we may finally have Manny vs. Floyd Part II. The only problem is, it won't be in the ring, but on the hardwood. We've seen Mayweather take on numerous stars in different formats, and now he'll have his basketball skills tested, as Manny Pacquiao has challenged him to a game of b-ball for charity. 

The caption reads: 1 on 1  to 11 MAYWEATHER v. PACQUIAO $9.99 PAY-PER-VIEW. Would you watch ⁉️ Tell The Schmo and let’s make it a GO

We have already heard Mayweather say he'll come out of retirement to face Pacquiao but we thought it would be in a ring, not on a court. The two fought in a snooze fest back in 2015, where Money Mayweather, won but did a lot of ducking during the contest. 

Pacquiao is still hoping he'd be able to face Mayweather in the ring but will have to go through Adrien Broner first. Still, he had some time to talk trash about his former opponent in hopes of stirring a fire inside him.

It wasn't the first time Pacquiao talked trash to Mayweather and it won't be the last. 

If these two were to play, Pacman said he would want a game of one-on-one first to 11, and then a five-on-five game, with Team Pacquiao against Team Mayweather. 

This may not bring in a ton of Pay Per View orders, but it's a fun idea.