​​Nick Young has not had a great start to the New Year. The veteran forward was ​cut by the Nuggets after just a few games with the team and now he is under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department as he is suspected of having stolen a cell phone and striking a man in the genitals.

The incident allegedly occurred outside of a car wash and the other party involved was reportedly a fan of Young. The fan reportedly snapped a photo of Young who didn't appreciate being documented at the car wash. 

This is not a good look for the former NBA champion, but fortunately for Swaggy P, he wasn't caught on camera with his latest gaffe. 

​​Young had an extremely short stint with the Nuggets this season and has been otherwise out of the league. In Denver, he appeared in just four games. He averaged 2.3 points across 9.3 minutes of action per game. 

The incident is said to have taken place last week as the victim reported it to the police on Jan. 4th, according to TMZ. 

Young has yet to be arrested and it's unclear if he will be charged with any crimes in this incident but it's definitely something the 33-year-old would prefer to have avoided making any headlines. 

After winning the NBA Finals with Golden State last season, Young parted ways with the team and has not managed to find a new team to take him on for the full season.