​C.C. Sabathia ​underwent a heart procedure this offseason in order to remove blockage in an artery running into his heart. The surgery, while serious, has been completed, and the veteran pitcher is set to return to the mound for the 2019 season after being cleared to resume baseball activities.

​Sabathia revealed on his R2C2 podcast with Ryan Ruocco, however, that he actually came dangerously close to losing his life due due to his health issues.

​​Sabathia was set to board a flight and fly to London before discovering the seriousness of his health issues. He claims that if he had boarded his flight and flown to London, he may not have made it back from the trip at all. The change in air pressure may have caused his artery to clog entirely, which could have proven fatal.

Fortunately the lefty did not get on the flight and instead underwent the knife, a decision which ultimately saved his life.

Now the ​Yankees are just focused on maintaining his health and getting him back on the mound for his 19th MLB season.