​​Bryce Harper's free agency continues to take shape with each passing day, as the 26-year-old superstar explores the market for himself as he decides what his next steps in the league will be. 

Harper is set for another meeting with the ​Phillies this weekend, ​this one in Las Vegas. Reports suggest, however, that it seems more likely that Harper will return to the ​Nationals

Harper returning to Washington would be strange saga in what's been a relatively lackluster free agency period so far this offseason. But, perhaps, the DC metro area is just where this generational talent is meant to be.

The Nationals seem keen on ​bringing back their star slugger and one MLB executive feels as if the team's latest offer will prove to be too good to pass up. 

The unnamed executive doesn't believe that the Phillies will be able to compete with the deal and that ultimately Harper will be returning to the nation's capital. 

Harper had previously expressed his interest to play for the ​Yankees, but the club doesn't appear to be willing to fork over the lucrative contract he desires. 

The Phillies are hoping that they can muster together an offer this weekend that will come close to eclipsing the offer submitted from their division rivals, but as of now, things don't look favorable for Philadelphia. 

In 2018, Harper slashed .249/.393/.496 while drawing a league-high 130 walks and crushing 34 home runs and 100 RBI.