Anytime a Pro Bowler gives you a recommendation, a team has to listen.

If it's someone who is arguably the best quarterback to ever play, you pretty much have to blindly agree with what they're saying. That exactly what the New York Jets did when they found themselves in a head coaching pickle. 

While weighing their options, it was a phone call from Peyton Manning that put Adam Gase over the edge to become the team's next head coach.

Aside from telling all of us to eat Papa John's, you have to believe this guy. 

We all know how great Manning was throughout the course of his career, but it was Gase who actually pushed him over the top. During Gase's first year as the offensive coordinator in Denver, Manning broke the record for passing yards and touchdowns in a single season. 

It's hard to make Manning better, but he did it. In fact, he made every single quarterback who has played under him better.

Can you even imagine having a coach who's crazy about football just like Manning is? 

You'd think it would never happen in a million years, but that's why Gase received his stamp of approval.

Considering the Jets passed up on Mike McCarthy for Gase, you better believe Manning's words went a long way. Jets fans as a whole don't appear happy with the move, but well all know New Yorkers are tough to please.