The internet is an unforgiving place that never forgets. For someone who talks as much nonsense as Stephen A. Smith does, he should know by now. 

When the Cardinals hired Kliff Kingsbury as their next head coach, Smith, as per usual, had something to say about it. He made a joke about how Kingsbury is more eligible for the Bachelor than he is to be an NFL head coach. Quite the zinger from Smith there.


If only the Cardinals Twitter account didn't see it, he might've gotten away with it. 

The Cardinals commented on Smith's take joking about how Henry is finally active this week.

You know he is a game-changer according to Smith. It serves Arizona right to call Smith out. He is loudly wrong sometimes, like he was when he said Hunter Henry was going to be a problem for the Chiefs to cover. Anyone who has a career in the sports field knows that Henry missed the entire regular season due to injury and wasn't going to be a problem for anyone. 

This is a reminder for Smith that he's not always right. Still, that didn't stop him from coming after Arizona again. 

And again...

He can be as confident as he wants and can scream until you hear him three states away. The Cardinals believe they have their man and have no problem calling out a loud-mouthed personality in order to protect their head honcho.