Some stars have to realize when it's time to focus on the game and not the people who try to bring you down from time to time. 

Trevor Bauer isn't just a great pitcher, but he's a certified troll killer on Twitter. He has no problem getting into jousts online, but may have crossed the line when he repeatedly harassed a college woman who called him her least favorite athlete. 

The pitcher has now decided to take a step backward online and use Twitter more responsibly in the future.

Nothing like the trolls getting the upper hand to switch things around. 

For someone who slams Twitter users for sliding into his mentions, he had no problem blowing up that poor girl. 

Bauer did post a few tweets of his own in order to apologize to those he may have offended, while urging his followers to not engage in an online argument with anyone he may tangle with.

It would be easier for Cleveland to get​ the massive deal they've been searching for in exchange for Bauer if their star pitcher could keep his cool online.

As a professional athlete, we expect more out of Bauer despite his occasional slip-ups on social media. We can only hope he takes this as a learning experience and perhaps ignores the trolls more often than he has in the past.

While fans do love the banter Bauer engages in on a daily basis, expect the star hurler to tone it down a bit moving forward.