​While all of the head coaching vacancies are quickly being filled in a head-spinning fashion, there lies an open position down in Miami.

The Dolphins are looking for a coach to change the trajectory of their middling franchise, and reports say they believe the answer is Ravens' coach John Harbaugh. 

The front office has interviewed a variety of coaches, but none of the names are seemingly top-notch. They interviewed Patriots linebacker coach Brian Flores, Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy, Saints DC Dennis Allen and Cowboys defensive backs coach ​Kris Richard.

Yeah, none of those names really ring a bell except for Richard, who got a bit of a look in the 2017 offseason. But, he's nowhere as proven as Harbaugh.

There is no doubt that Harbaugh could help turn Miami around, but there's an issue. Apparently ​the Ravens are insistent on extending Harbaugh, and after his late-season success with rookie quarterback Lamar Jackson, Baltimore has no reason to give him up.

Harbaugh has even spoken as if he is staying.

​​That means there would be a huge asking price for the coach. The last time a head coach was truly traded (Herm Edwards in 2006 doesn't count) was Jon Gruden in 2002. The Buccaneers sent the Raiders two first-round picks for Gruden. 

Even though Harbaugh is nowhere near as hot as Gruden was at the time, anywhere close to that would be a steep, steep asking price. 

The Dolphins are in the middle of a de-facto rebuild. Is Harbaugh really worth giving up pieces of their future?