Star Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa has gained recognition as one of the best quarterbacks in college football. He was a Heisman finalist, who has accomplished a lot of notable things so far in his career. 

Tua buries other teams defenses, except for when the defense is actually good. Tua's stats against top-30 ranked defenses are significantly worse than against his other opponents. This raises the question of whether or not  Tua is the real deal. 

Don't get me wrong, Tua's stats in the "everyone else" column are amazing. He is truly electric most of the time. However, when it matters, he struggles to get the job done. His tendency to play poorly against good defenses hurt him in the National Championship game. He threw two devastating picks against the Tigers, which led to 14 points for Clemson.

This is probably the reason that ​Kyler Murray won the Heisman instead of  Tua. Murray played better against better opponents, while Tua was less successful against his more challenging opponents. 

Tua will need to overcome this barrier if he wants to solidify himself as one of the best in the