And, there it is.

​Even though he was drafted with the ​ninth overall pick by the Oakland Athletics in last year's MLB Draft and was expected to ​commit to baseball full time after the football season, Oklahoma Sooners quarterback and ​Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray is reportedly leaning towards entering the 2019 NFL Draft and playing football.

There were rumblings that maybe Murray plays both baseball and football, but that was shot down by people close to the situation. We'd love to see a Deion Sanders or Bo Jackson who played both at the same time, but being an NFL quarterback is entirely different and the demand is much greater.

Let's say that Murray decides to play quarterback in the NFL, that doesn't mean he couldn't end up returning to baseball. If it doesn't work out after the first couple of years, Murray could decide to leave and pursue baseball.

You can't blame a kid for wanting to be an NFL quarterback, but it would've been good for the sport of baseball if he decided to stick with his initial commitment and play baseball full time beginning this summer.