​The Manny Machado sweepstakes are perhaps the slowest-moving story of free agency and with each passing day a new favorite emerges to sign the superstar shortstop. The ​Yankees, ​​Phillies and ​White Sox have been at the heart of ​discussions with the 26-year-old, and it now seems as if one team may be ​more interested than the others

According to reports, the ​White Sox are the team that are most interested in signing the former Dodgers shortstop. Machado is seeking a mega contract that would last as many as 10 seasons, something which seems to be dissuading the Yankees and Phillies. But despite Machado's demands, the White Sox are still extremely interested. 

​​Machado has been linked with all three clubs and visited them earlier this offseason in hopes of locking down a deal. The Yankees have since inked a deal with Zach Britton and are being ​heavily linked to Adam Ottavino as they appear more interested in stocking up their already elite bullpen. 

If the White Sox are truly pulling ahead with their interest then perhaps they will be willing to offer Machado a 10-year deal, something which would keep him under team control until he is entering his late-thirties. 

The White Sox have been attempting to lure Machado to Chicago for most of the offseason, going as far as to ​acquire his brother-in-law, Yonder Alonso, in efforts of increasing their chances at landing the prized free agent. We'll see whether or not Machado is willing to join a rebuild in order to earn the massive contract he desires.