What more could Eagles' fans ​ask of Nick Foles? For whatever reason, the man is lights out when the Eagles need him most, which he displayed yet again in their thrilling victory over the Chicago Bears during Wild Card weekend. He led an insane last-minute drive, highlighted by ​a touchdown pass to Golden Tate, which was the game-winning score. Prior to that, though, Foles threw one of the most perfect passes you'll ever see in a high-pressure situation. 

​​Triple coverage and under pressure in the pocket, yet he still threw an absolute dime. The ball perfectly curves and drops into Golden Tate's hands before he was clocked by a Bears defender

​Foles continues to deliver when it matters most.

Foles finished the game with 266 passing yards, two touchdowns, and a QBR of 77.6. Considering he was going up against the best defense in the league and was consistently pressured by Khalil Mack, those are some pretty impressive numbers. 

We'll see if the Foles magic ride can continue when the Eagles take on the New Orleans Saints in the next round of the playoffs.