​​Trevor Lawrence has arrived. 

Despite putting up some dominant stats this season, ​Lawrence truly showed off in front of a national audience against Alabama on Monday night. And the kid is only 19. 

As is usually the case, upon Lawrence's heroic effort, someone made a few helpful edits to his wikipedia page. These, for once, appear to be positive from Clemson's point of view.

Wow, shoutout to Lawrence for being BOTH the king and father of Saban, a feat unheard of in today's society. Does this make Saban the prince?

And as for the personal information, upon further review that town sadly does not exist. But we can always pretend.

The night is Clemson's, and Alabama's collapse will be well-documented. Both these teams are young and dominant, meaning we could very well see Clemson-Alabama part five come January 2020.