​So, you're saying they're still salty? It sure looks to be that way. 

On Monday night, most the country's eyes are glued to their television sets watching the ​Alabama Crimson Tide and Clemson Tigers face off for the National Championship. 

You better believe UCF is also watching the action, but they're on their couches still furious they weren't given a spot in the College Football Playoff. They made that much clear on Twitter moments ago...

​​Every FBS team has equal access... Yup, no need to keep reading, as this is a total joke. The CFP committee received plenty of hate for its final four. 

For Central Florida, they were ticked off they weren't given a shot to compete for a ​National Championship, even after going undefeated during the regular season for the second consecutive year. 

They were undefeated, AGAIN. Don't tell me there's equal access. And don't expect UCF to buy into that crap.