​This should be the first and LAST National Championship Game to ever be played at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara. 

Yes, the weather in the area has been poor leading up to the big game tonight between ​Clemson and Alabama, but over the last month, all we've heard about the field conditions have been about how poor they've been. 

Well, tonight, there's no exception. Take a look for yourself: 

​​I covered high school football in New Jersey, and the turf at the new practice field at powerhouse St. Peter's Prep looks better than this. My goodness, you're telling me the biggest game of the season, featuring countless future NFL stars, will take place on this turf? 

As many NFL fans recall, players from both the Chiefs and Rams refused to play at the Estadio Azteca in Mexico because of how bad the playing conditions would have been. I'm not saying Tua Tagovaiola and Trevor Lawrence should do the same, but they can't be happy right now. 

This has the feel of a JV football game, when instead it should be everything but. 

Hey Santa Clara, thanks for having us. Let's hope this ​big game never returns. Seriously, never again.