​Major League Baseball doesn't have the same pettiness or Twitter back-and-forth between players like the NBA does, but there's a nice beef between Houston Astros star third baseman Alex Bregman and Cleveland Indians frontline starter Trevor Bauer.

Every so often these to ​get into with each other on Twitter, and after Bregman posted a promotional video of himself on Twitter, Bauer decided to take a jab at him.

Bauer is referring to the challenge he sent out to hitters where he said he'd pay them to train with him up in Seattle at Driveline Baseball, and would even pay $1,000 bonus for those who took him deep. Bregman responded to this with some trash talk of his own:

Bauer punched back.

​​But then Bregman came in with the big blow and destroyed him. 

​​Ouch. He's not wrong. Bauer appeared in all three ALDS games against the Astros last year, and in four innings of work he allowed four runs on seven hits, including a ​Bregman home run in Game 2.

​​I don't think Bregman was giving Bauer a compliment, but he can think that if he chooses.