Enes Kanter's war of words with the president of Turkey and his regime has been well documented, as has his beef with a certain countryman who used to play in the NBA.

The Knicks center has been targeted by Turkish authorities to the point where he won't travel with his team to London amidst fears that they will make an attempt on his life. According to former NBA forward and current Turkish Basketball Federation president Hedo Turkoglu, this is all just a publicity stunt.

Turkoglu, who is notably a senior adviser to authoritarian Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, calls Kanter "delusional" and claimed that this is just another attempt to drag his home country's government through the mud.

Kanter has been known to speak his mind no matter who or what opposes him, but do you really think he'd joke about his own life in order to make someone else look bad?

Turkoglu doesn't believe there is an attempt on Kanter's life and claims it's a visa issue that is preventing Kanter from heading to London. The center was famously detained in a Romanian airport previously when the Turkish government voided his passport.

It's safe to say lines have already been crossed between Kanter and the Erdogan government, as the big man has been outspoken about many of its senior figures as well as Turkoglu, whom he called out earlier last year as having "sold his honor for two cents."

Considering Kanter's history, you better believe the guy is going to respond to Hedo's pointed criticism. Playing at Madison Square Garden doesn't exactly teach a man to keep his emotions to himself.