​You can't help but feel bad for Chicago Bears kicker Cody Parkey after the ​most important kick of his life went off the upright. All season, he's been hitting the uprights when his kicks have missed, including hitting ​four uprights in one game. Perhaps this bad tendency stems from an old practice method he used? We're not ones to judge but, uh...Parkey literally used to try to do this.

​​It's arguably more impressive that Parkey keeps hitting the posts than making his field goals. To be able to hit the uprights as consistently as he's done in 2018 shows that, for better or worse, his old training method paid off. 

Parkey doesn't ​deserve the hate he's received since the missed field goal Sunday. After all, the ball was ​tipped by a Philadelphia Eagles defender (and, plus, literally nobody deserves that level of vitriol for a sporting event). It's good to see fellow athletes and teammates have been vocal in standing up to defend Parkey, who's already feeling bad enough.

​​Hopefully Parkey is able to move on from this terrible experience and be a reliable kicker in 2019, whether it's with the Bears or some other team. I'm sure this upcoming offseason he'll be practicing by trying to kick the ball between poles rather than off them.