There are few coaches in college football that have been doing what Dabo Swinney has done, and he's getting compensated for making this program a powerhouse. 

As Clemson prepares to face Alabama yet again in the CFB Playoffs with a championship on the line, one has to step back and appreciate how  Swinney has risen through the coaching ranks. It's earned him quite the payday, as he's one of the highest paid coaches in the sport.

According to USA Today, Swinney is the seventh-highest paid coach in college football at over $6.5 million, but that's before some of his insane bonuses. He's already won an additional $200,000 for taking down Notre Dame for a total of $625,000 on-field bonuses, plus that $1 million retention payment he received at the start of the new year. 

When you bring home a National Championship for the first time since 1981, you're going to be rewarded for it. 

Swinney received a contract extension prior to the 2017 season that would pay him $54 million over eight years. It's a backloaded deal that continues to increase, and that's not including the signing bonus that landed his salary at $7.5 million for the first year.

That's a lot of money, but the perks don't stop there for Swinney, as he has a ton of benefits outside of direct cash from Clemson.

Swinney not only gets those two cars, season tickets to baseball and basketball games at Clemson, and a country club membership, but he was rewarded with the deed to a condominium worth over $200,000 just for his endorsement on another property. Swinney's endorsement also landed him free home security from Priority One Security.

Swinney made more than $9 million in total compensation from Clemson last year alone, according to the ​Greenville News.

The man lived up to his word when he said this was going to be the best decade of Clemson football, and now he's filling up his wallet because of it.