You can always count on Rex Ryan to cross some sort of line as he's never had an issue of saying something ridiculous that was on his mind. That didn't change when he appeared on today's edition of ESPN's Get Up, as the first thing he did was put the much-maligned Cody Parkey on blast. The former head coach said he doesn't feel bad for the Bears kicker, but rather for the fan base and Parkey's teammates for having a player who wasn't professional. 

Of course this loudmouth doesn't feel bad. Ryan is far blunt to show empathy on national television.

Don't listen to Ryan because it's easy to feel for Parkey. He certainly won't have a job in Chicago after this, and could be unemployed in the NFL for good. If you think it's a stretch, you must have missed the fans booing him off the field while the internet danced on his grave.

How can you not feel bad for someone who owned up to his mistakes like Parkey did? Ryan may insist a true professional would have made that kick, but this postgame interview is as professional as it gets. 

Ryan has no problem bashing Parkey, but won't talk about how poorly the Bears actually played yesterday. Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky started the game off 0-7, and his team averaged fewer than four yards a play after they crossed the 50 while the defense had no problem letting Nick Foles and company walk down the field for a game-winning touchdown.

You'd like to think Ryan knows better to look at the big picture instead of turning to a scapegoat. But that's just not the world we live in.