In the south Bronx, ​Sonny Gray is like a bad penny.

Though ​the San Diego Padres displayed an interest in the embattled Yankees pitcher earlier this offseason that has sustained itself into 2019, ​there's a gigantic left-handed wrench in the works that could prevent Gray's merciful offloading altogether, per insider Jon Morosi.

​​Yes, the dubious health of CC Sabathia, who underwent a heart procedure in December, has put the brakes on what should have been a routine process to get Gray out of town. 

If the Yanks do enter Spring Training with the maligned 29-year-old righty still under their employ, however, it might not actually be the worst thing in the world. He was 12–15 with a 4.85 ERA as a Yankee starter, but fared far, far better after being moved to the bullpen. But in the big picture, it's better for everyone if the league year begins with Gray in a new home-- and Sabathia clear of any scary health-related snags.

It's no small miracle that ol' CC is still throwing. He can't go deep into games anymore in his advanced age, but he's been surprisingly reliable at the back end of the rotation. The heart issue should give everyone pause, however, and there's zero reason to flame the Yankees for halting any discussions about Gray until the big man is verified to be good to go.