​Every ​Bears fan, whether in the building or at home, knew exactly what was coming as time expired Sunday night.

They just didn't want to believe that it was possible.

How could Mitchell Trubisky really fight all the way down the field with under a minute remaining, hand a clear path to glory off to their ​kicker Cody Parkey, only to watch an entire season go up in smoke? All year long, Parkey's been the weak link in the chain. The pimple on the face of the vaunted defense, a special-teamer with a propensity to hit crossbars with regularity.

Of course, that wart showed itself in primetime. And, unless you're a blind-to-trauma Eagles fan, you have to feel absolutely horrific for the man.

​​This is far from the first time that this exact scenario has been visualized this season. It's almost too repetitive to be possible, like predicting an error on a grounder from Bill Buckner or a game-sealing pick from Tony Romo.

Let's not get lost in the shuffle: Parkey's livelihood was likely hanging by a thread entering this postseason, and in this moment, it probably came to an end. He can't be a Chicago Bear when training camp opens.

Frankly, if the team had prioritized his own well-being over this misplaced faith, he likely wouldn't have been a Bear for this all-important contest.

Philly fans are elated, but the rest of the world was struck by nausea when this one ended, a pit festering in our stomachs for someone we'd never had empathy for prior. Just a sickening way to end a football game, one team's season, and an historic defensive campaign.

And the worst part is, the entire city of Chicago was already more than ready for it.