There has been a lot of speculation regarding College Football Playoff expansion. While many are in favor of the expansion, Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney does not seem to be in favor of expansion. 

When asked about expanding the CFP, Swinney brought up the fact that every game is essentially a playoff game just to get to the playoffs. 

Swinney is mostly right here with his point. By expanding the playoffs, the regular season will become less important. Clemson was able to make the playoffs by winning every game on their schedule. Teams like Ohio State suffered a bad loss and were left on the outside looking in.

Let's also be completely honest with the reality of college football. Do we really need extra games just to determine that Clemson and Alabama should play for the National Championship again? 

The Clemson vs Alabama rivalry has been one of the most consistent in sports, but I'm not tired of it. Those have been the two best teams in the sport, or among the top four, for the last four years and the National Championship is supposed to be the matchup of those teams.

What more do you want?