Houston Rockets star ​James Harden has been on a complete tear as of late, carrying his team back into the Western Conference playoff picture. Harden's step-back three is proving to be unstoppable, so it's no surprise that other players are trying to emulate his moves. Most recently, ​Golden State Warriors sharpshooter Steph Curry tried it out against the Sacramento Kings and it didn't go very well for him. 

​​Curry was called for traveling on the move, which Harden gets away with all the time. The best part of this video was just how dumbfounded Warriors coach Steve Kerr looked following the call and then Curry questioning the refs by showing the number 13 with his fingers on his jersey to indicate they only let Harden get away with those moves.

The traveling violation would not end up slowing down the Warriors' offensive explosion that took place in this game. Curry finished with 42 points and hit 10 threes. 

The two teams combined for an NBA record 41 threes. 

Curry is nearly unstoppable as it is, so I think it's for the best that the step-back move was called as a traveling. He's the best shooter in the league with a crazy quick release, so the last thing defenders need is him getting more separation.