The NBA trade deadline is just over a month away, and many moves are expected to be made now that teams have figured out where they stand.

The Houston Rockets are looking to pick up some players that will help them win a championship. Despite starting off the season rather poorly, the Rockets now sit at fourth in the Western Conference thanks to James Harden's historic string of performances. The Rockets say that they'll be looking to increase Harden's supporting cast. 

And there's no time like the present! They have one of the best players in basketball right now, and they need to take advantage of it, especially with the Warriors looking the worst they've had during their dynasty run.

"Since James (Harden) has been here we’ve been buyers at the deadline, and hopefully something comes along that we think can help our chances to win the title," Morey said.

At this rate, ​Harden might be able to win the title all by himself, but it sure would help if he had a few more pieces in place. The Rockets are expected to get Chris Paul and Eric Gordon back sometime shortly, which should help Harden's efforts until the trade deadline on Feb. 7.